International Mains Power

IEC Connectors

Leads Direct supply a wide range of IEC mains cables for various applications and in combination with many international mains fittings can provide power leads for most countries in the world. You can view many of these by going to … Continue reading

International Plugs and Voltages

A list of plugs, voltages and frequencies for countries all over the world, arranged in alphabetical order with photographs of every type of mains plug. If you are seeking information about mains wiring and the individual connectors used in many … Continue reading

International Plugs by Type

List of world plugs On this page you’ll find a list of the different plugs used in the world arranged by type and then by the Countries in which they are used. For example click on the image of the … Continue reading

What is the difference between Australian and Chinese mains plugs?

It is possible to interchange the connectors but not recommended. The chinese cables are stamped with the official chinese approvals logo, as shown below: Whilst the australian has their own approvals, as shown below: These approval stamps are one of … Continue reading

Wiring an American Plug

Wiring an American Plug is no more difficult than wiring a UK or European plug… but over here getting hold of them is much more difficult and they can be quite expensive! So much so, a full American cord set … Continue reading

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