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Aerospace Leads and Cables

At Leads Direct we have supplied a vast range of leads and cables for the Aerospace industry. We produce specially made leads and cables for all areas of Aerospace, this includes cables and leads for custom flight simulators, customised cables … Continue reading

Control Leads and Cables

We supply fully moulded and custom made control cables for use in all manner of control situations. We’ve supplied a number of high profile customers with cables for use customised control rooms, why not let us supply you? For data … Continue reading

Cut and Stripped to Length Cables

We offer a range of cables both standard and non standard cut and stripped to required lengths. Need 50 of 1 metre cut cable? Not a probelm. Need the same 50 supplied with stripped ends? Not a problem either. Standard … Continue reading

Industrial Leads and Cables

We stock and custom make a whole range of industrial cables for use in a number of industrial applications and machinery. We supply custom industrial leads made to exact specification, including Alpha and Belden power and data cables for control … Continue reading

Lead and Cable Modification

We are experts at modifying existing leads and cables to customers bespoke requirements. This can be as simple as changing the length of a moulded cable to a non standard length and puting on a rewireable connector or cutting the … Continue reading

Military Leads and Cables

Leads Direct don’t just supply cables to the public we also supply high end cables for all sorts of military installations and equipment. We understand the sensitive nature in some projects and have a set team to work with you … Continue reading

Research, Medical and Hospital Grade Leads and Cables

Leads Direct have a well-known reputation within the medical world for suppling a wide range of interconnect solutions for various medical units and machinery. We supply fully approved medical grade cables for use in a wide variety of applications. Our … Continue reading

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