Australian (Type I) Mains Leads

Here we have a small range of Australian approved moulded plugs to a range of IEC connectors and different ends such as the IEC C9 Connector and IEC C13 connector. For a short list of which countries use Type I power leads look no further:

•Cook Islands
•New Zealand

For a more detailed view of countries that use Type I plugs take a look in our Technical Library under our International Voltages page.

We can also custom make Australian leads to any IEC connector (or to bare ends) we have in stock, be that an IEC C9, IEC C15, IEC C15A, Right angled IEC, IEC C19, IEC C21 and others, please fill out our Custom Lead form or Get In Touch for more info.

Did you know that an Australian plug is basically identical to a Chinese mains plug? The only difference is 1mm in the length of the pins. So although Chinese and Australian cables have different approvals, that won’t stop you using a Chinese lead in an Australian socket or vice-versa although we do recommend using the approved plug for said country.

If you would like any more info on Australian power leads and power cords please Get In Touch if you need any more information or have a look in our International Voltages page in our Technical Library.

Remember we’re able to Custom Make almost any type of lead, including just about every type of mains cables, sadly there’s a few we’re unable to make but not many! If you’re looking for a longer cable, shorter cable or want a different IEC or other connector then please Get In Touch for a quote using our Custom Lead quotation form.

If you’re looking to make a cable yourself then check out our Australian Rewireable Plug, AURPB, we’re able to supply Australian Rewireable Sockets but these are a special order, please Contact Us for more info.

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