Mains Wiring

International Plug Type In Order of Country

List of world plugs On this page you’ll find a list of the different plugs used in the world arranged by type. For example click on the image of the plug below to see an alphabetical list of every counrty … Continue reading

Mains Wiring

Leads Direct sells a wide range of Mains leads and cables ready made for purchase online. In addition leads direct can supply roll cabling for the UK, Europe, the US and even Japan and Australia and or course our unique Custom Lead service enables … Continue reading

Power Cable Approval Logos

The logos shown below (in alphabetical order by Country) are the approval marks for power cables together with the names and flags of the countries that issue those approvals.  Other countries may share those approvals so for example a number … Continue reading

Wiring a UK Plug

Electricity can KILL! If you are in any doubt at all about what you are doing, or your ability to do the work, you should refer any mains connection work to a qualified electrician. In order to wire up a … Continue reading

Wiring an American Plug

Wiring an American Plug is no more difficult than wiring a UK or European plug… but over here getting hold of them is much more difficult and they are quite expensive! So much so, a full American cord set with … Continue reading

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