Mains Leads and Accessories

Here at Leads Direct we supply a wide range of mains power supply cords for countries all over the world including UK, IEC, Schuko, Euro, US, Australian, European and International mains power and extension leads in standard lengths and configurations. If you can plug it in then more than likely we can supply it!

We only supply high quality leads and cables which are all fully approved. Please be aware of cheap mains leads found on the web as these can be highly dangerous! We have often had to help customers out who have brought cheap mains cables elsewhere and found out the hard way how dangerous these can be, you can be assured that if you order with Leads Direct you will receive a top quality cable that has been fully tested and approved. Likewise you should be wary of highly expensive “Super” mains cables as these often claim to send a better signal to your equipment.. this is not the case at all. You needn’t spend £50+ on a “super” cable when you can get a cable for well under £10 that’ll do exactly the same thing. Sure, one looks nice but that’s all the difference between the two… that and the price of course!

We have supplied power cables to a number of high profile customers, including the BBC, BAE Systems, Governments, National Rail, Air Traffic Controllers, Formula 1 etc. as well as many more.

Non standard lengths and configurations of power cables are also available on request, but as they are mains leads they are covered by safety regulations so some mixes of components are not available. Contact us Here for more information on our mains power leads.

If you need any further info on mains voltages or wiring please check out our International Voltages and Mains Wiring pages in our Technical Library it’s filled with all sorts of helpful information.

IEC Mains Leads are also available in many different connection types and shapes, you can view them on our IEC Connector Types Information page from our Technical Library. If you have any questions regarding mains power cables then please feel free to get in touch Here for more information, with no obligation to buy!

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